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“Whatsoever you do for the least of your brethren,” said Christ, “you do for Me.” That is the whole key to our personal relationship with God, in His own words. That is really everything.

Does it work?

Why does God ask us to pray?
Does He always answer our prayers?

What Is The Meaning of Life?
It is our second chance...It is simply sharing our food and our blanket ... The little-understood paradox is this: the only way we can be happy ourselves is...

Is There A God?
No one can prove to you the existence of God, as in a mathematical proof. But you still will be able to be certain of His existence...
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Interesting Questions and Answers

What happened to all those who lived before Christ... What if aliens are real? Are witches real?

Being a Christian
How do I know if Christianity is right?... The whole thing is a
lot easier than you think.
You do not have to accept...

Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Why do bad things happen to good people?... I have suffered all my life...Why can't we be like angels, and be happy all our lives...

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Why Does God Send His Children to Hell?
This problem has troubled Christians for two thousand years... The Church has never said that any specific person is in hell, not even Judas...

For the Smaller Church: Free Music
Beautiful hymns and Masses that play on your own keyboard. 145 hymns and 3 masses, as MIDI files, free to any church. Professional quality. Easy approval from your local Bishop.

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How Can We Cope with Death?

My beautiful daughter has died. How can I go on? How can God permit this...

Is Faith More Important than Good Works?
Faith is not something that we... We do not do good works because ...

Evolution, and Other Ideas of Interest
We believe that the purpose of the Bible is to... Was mankind created by a slow process of evolution, as fossils indicate...

The Teachings of Christ
These are the actual words
of Christ... "Feed the hungry.
Give drink to the thirsty...
Love your enemies, get rid of all anger..."

A Brief History of Christianity

From the beginning,
God had included freedom
in creation's plan...

Our Catholic Faith

"Why should I be Catholic? Can't I be a Christian just
by believing in the Holy Bible?" ...For the first thousand years, there was only one Church that ...

Everyday Living Help

1. The Problem of Loneliness
2. Should New Mothers Go To Work?
3. The Best Time to Do Anything
...and many more topics.

Explanations of Selected Subjects

1.   Conflicting Opinions about what the Bible Means
2.   Original Sin

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