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For the Small Church on a Budget: Great Professional Music Free!

if the musician is ill or absent, we turn a dial on our keyboard to the number of the hymn we want to play, we press “start,” and we hear the music exactly the same as when the pianist played the song live. There is no difference, except that the pianist does not have to be there.

Our collection of over 145 hymns and 3 Masses can be played successfully as a permanent alternative to a live musician, or simply to fill in when your regular person is ill or on vacation. Just email us, and we will send the entire collection to you free of charge. Be sure to tell us the name and location of your church, as this offer is not for individuals.

Altho much of the music is geared toward the Catholic liturgy, over 50 of the hymns are popular with all denominations of Christian churches, many of them having been written in the 1800's.

We understand that there is some confusion as to whether a Catholic church must have a live musician or none at all. We inquired of the ruling body, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and received the following reply from Father Andrew Menke:

“Let me offer a few observations. The US Bishops' most recent document on liturgical music ("Sing to the Lord") says that 'recorded music should never become a substitute for the community's singing.' It seems to me that there's a big difference between using recorded music to support singing and using recorded music to replace singing. What you've suggested, (MIDI music in church) doesn't seem to be contrary to liturgical law.
I don't know that the issue you raise requires any new legislation."

My music is intended to be sung to, not just listened to! But it would still be best to get the permission of your diocesan bishop even if you have no musician. Permission should always be granted.

Please tell your pastor or music director about this free offer!

  •   These are not recordings or music files, they are MIDI files, which are instructions for your own keyboard instrument to play, and will sound just like a live musician because your own instrument is actually playing them. Your instrument just receives its instructions from the file, rather than from someone pressing on the keys. If you do not now have a keyboard or digital organ for your church, they are not expensive. We can help you with which one to purchase. If you are unfamiliar with MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), you will be amazed.

    You can even change the key right at your own keyboard, as well as change both the tempo and volume. Music is rarely written with singing in mind, more often to balance left and right hand playing around middle C. I have already played my music in a key most people find easiest. But you can easily change it.

    As a trial, for you to listen to now on your computer, we give you a beautiful hymn: "Let There Be Peace on Earth." Click on the link at the bottom of this page. (The download is for one hymn only, as a trial to see if you can use our hymns.)

    To play it on your keyboard, someone familiar with your own keyboard will have to be consulted, as each instrument is quite different. But it is not complicated at all. Playing the hymns is like selecting from a juke-box, usually just a matter of turning a dial and pushing a button. The sound quality will be the sound quality of your instrument. Just move it from this computer to your instrument.

    Some of the hymns we have available now are below. If you have questions, or wish to receive via email the entire collection, please email us back. We will do our best to help bring this music into your church, as it is right now in ours.

  • To request your free hymns, as MIDI files to play on a keyboard instrument,    Write to or click on

  • Please go to other pages of this website too. It is meant to help those with spiritual questions and problems. We have had over a million visitors, and have helped (we hope) thousands. Indexes at top and bottom of page.

    (The download is for one hymn only, as a trial to see if you can use our hymns.)
    Click here to download

    A partial list of music we offer is:

    Three complete Masses
    Fifteen Christmas carols
    Nine Advent hymns

    To You, O God, I Lift Up My Soul
    Beyond the Days
    Change Our Hearts
    River of Glory
    How Great Thou Art
    Holy Holy Holy
    Lead Me, Lord
    On Eagles Wings
    Faith of our Fathers
    For The Beauty of the Earth
    Let There Be Peace on Earth
    Stand By Me
    Though the Mountains May Fall
    America the Beautiful
    Eternal Father, Strong to Save
    We Are the Light of the World
    Come, Holy Ghost
    Rain Down
    Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
    Lord, Who At Thy First Eucharist
    Here I Am, Lord
    Immaculate Mary
    Hail, Holy Queen
    Prayer of St. Francis
    O Sacrament Most Holy
    Ave Maria
    ...and many more.

    (The download is for the one hymn only, as a trial)
    Click here to download

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